Our core purpose at TangoFit is to empower, represent and uplift women from all different walks of life, from around the world. Tangofit is made by women for women. It’s our belief that, “Empowered women, empower women”. Due to the need to fulfill our goals and purpose, we determined the next step on our path is to support and donate portions of our profits from TangoFit to women-driven organizations.  Organizations which won’t stop at anything but to see our women rise and succeed and defend them when society’s stereotypes and justice systems abandon in time of need. It’s heartbreaking to know that somewhere in this great world women can’t receive education or have rights. Women will always be worth investing in and we need them to shine the brightest.

This page will provide all the vital information needed about our work with these women-focused, non-profit organizations. We will never leave you in the dark. Our fight and journey to empowerment becomes dynamic with your help!